The Elbridge Seawell Boyd Beach Marker

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As many of you already know, Sanderling,  and much of Siesta Key, was developed by Elbridge Boyd in the late 1940’s and 50’s. Much of our history is detailed in a yellow album on a book rest in the clubhouse library which was compiled by Mr. Boyd’s daughter, Peggy Boyd Sharpe. At that time, we were known as the Siesta Club, which Mr. Boyd designed, setting aside an area for the clubhouse and cabanas. He also set aside a narrow 400’ strip of shorefront to the south in order to preserve the sweeping view of the Gulf for the benefit of club members. Although much of this beach has since been washed away by erosion, at least the view itself is still preserved by what is now our mitigated dunes area.

In 1967, just after the death of Mr. Boyd, the club passed a resolution reading, “be it resolved that the strip of beach extending some 400 feet directly south of Sanderling Beach, Inc. which was set aside and reserved (‘dedicated’) by Elbridge S. Boyd for the use of any and all Siesta Club members, shall hereafter be known as ‘Elbridge Seawell Boyd Beach’ and that a sign be centrally placed on the Beach commemorating his name.”

But for whatever reason, the sign never materialized. Now fast forward to 2005 when my late husband Clyde was on the Sanderling Board, and our good friend, Peggy Boyd Sharpe, asked if she might donate a plaque (and all associated expenses) in memory of her father. Fast forward again to this last summer, when I took up where Clyde left off, and as of October 22, 2008, the marker is in place. Hallelujah!  It is located near the gulf side of the Williams’ cabana and you might be rightly wondering,”Why there?” For any of you familiar with County Regulations, access for their vehicles and vulnerability to storm damage, you will understand why we could not place it near the dunes area. Peter Williams, as Beach and Revetment Chair, very graciously offered the space, which is halfway between the club house and the dunes, and has the advantages of being highly visible to our members. I am most grateful for his help.

We hope you like it.

Addendum: I also wish to give credit to Stephen Ehresman, a fine carpenter/handyman, and to Olinka Broadfoot, a sculptress and dear friend who just happened to be here as a houseguest and whose help was invaluable. She and Stephen worked the better part of a day doing the installation in the hot sun. I am shamelessly giving you Stephen’s telephone number.

Stephen Ehresman: 941-915-9326

From:  Joan Nixon